Monday, December 1, 2008

We're back!!

Class is back in action!! We began again two weeks ago, and the children have returned with fervor. Class numbers are rocketing, with more children from nearby villages showing up to join in the fun. We gather every Tuesday afternoon, from 4pm-5:30, before call to prayer at 6. Many of the children are brought to class by their parents, who are ecstatic to have discovered a free English and reading class. Other children who live closer ride their bikes. Last week we learned about animals, and played games which challenged the kids to bring the animal characteristics into their bodies, while helping them to memorize the names in English. We also read a fabulous book sent from our good friends in Seattle, titled "And the Bear Snores On", about a big bear who hibernates in a cave while the other animals party around him. Very cute, and fun for the kids. So things, at last, are back to their normal routine, with new excitement to learn and grow together!!


Mary Jane Davis said...

You have done amazing work. It was so wonderful to be able to help a little this summer. Eli, Jason, Jacob and I are donating some of our holiday money via Julie for whatever else you or the kids need.
Thank you!

Emilia Javanica said...

Thank you so much Mary Jane! We miss you guys here and think of you often, are reminded of you every day by all the wonderful things you left behind. I hope you and your family are healthy and enjoying the winter season :). Please keep in touch!!!